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Political Asylum Lawyer in Manhattan

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Political asylum is a relief available for people who flee their homeland out of fear of persecution by the government, or those who are members of a social group that has been persecuted. In order to obtain this benefit in the United States, the person must claim asylum within one year of entering the country. As this process can be complicated, it is always recommended that a person obtain the help of an experienced Manhattan immigration lawyer such as the one at the Law Office of Patricia M. Machado, P.C.

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How to Apply for Asylum

In order to obtain asylum, the government must confirm that the person has entered the country for the purpose of escaping persecution or danger. The applicant will be interviewed by an officer in order to convince them that they merit political asylum. If they cannot do this, they will be referred to a judge who will then charge the individual and set a date for his/her hearing.

During the hearing, the applicant must convince the judge that they will be persecuted if sent back, and they do this by demonstrating that persecution occurred in the past. The probability that the applicant will be persecuted in the future will also be considered.

Benefits of Applying for Asylum

While these kinds of cases can be difficult and unpredictable, applying for asylum will allow those immigrants to become eligible for work authorization while the matter is being decided. If they prevail, they obtain a permanent residence.

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